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Overview Ola Hallengren's maintenance routines - Jed Wilson

On August 23, Jed Wilson (blog | twitter) gave an excellent overview of using Ola Hallengren's maintenance routines as an alternative to SQL Server's Maintenance Plans.

Jed covered:

  • overview
  • installation options
  • installed components (table, SP's, functions, SQL Agent jobs) 
  • backup scripts (Full and simple recovery modes)
  • verification
  • index optimization (rebuild, reorg, update stats)
  • Feature comparison between Ola's and Maintenance Plans
  • a Power Shell script for backing up SSAS databases

I particularly liked how he showed us a standard DBA Admin table and naming conventions for consistency from environment to environment in a multi-location/multi-server shop.

He gave a great tip to do Transaction Log backups every three minutes during Index Rebuild operations to keep the transaction log size at a more consistent size.

Ola generously provided Jed with additional resources, demo scripts, and a supplemental Power Point slide deck.

PASS November chapter deck
Developing Data Warehouses in SQL Server 2008 - Arie Jones (AJ)
AJ web | twitter rocked the house going from zero to Cube in 60 minutes! We had a great turn out and several new faces.

Check out the summary and sample SSAS project and slide deck.

There was lots of great discussion after the presentation. We raffled off books, pen drives, Windows 7 Ultimate, a mobile office toolkit, and a magnetic dart board. Please check out our gracious sponsors
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